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Christian Selli

Christian Selli

Executive Director, ITSSRC

Over 30+ years of Industry experience, has worked and managed firms globally. His experience includes managing companies more specifically IT firms, business system development and managing large projects. He was hugely responsible for success of firms in France and Switzerland region which generated a significant volume of cash flow. He is responsible and successfully doubling the turnover and the net profit each year and currently working on diversification of business into new regions.

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introduction.jpgITSS Research & Consultancy was created by entrepreneurs who wants it to be leader in delivering solutions to client around strategic management, corporate turnaround and project/program management. They have a vision to create uniqueness and differentiator on how this research and consultancy firm is run and we strive towards achieving this vision.

We want to integrate strategy, technology and quality to address our customers issues at the same time recognize our clients business complexities to deliver sustainable solutions.

We create value and growth to all stakeholders that includes customers, employees and partners.





To be a global leader in all

ITSSRC provided services.




To provide value and profitable growth to customers through innovation, collaboration and quality while applying strategy, technology and expertise to deliver results and ignite change.



We are driven by values. Values shapes our thinking, what we do and what we stand for. Consequently, ITSSRC created values that are measurable, practical and actionable. 

  1. Driven by Innovation
  2. Customer-Centric
  3. Professional Excellence
  4. Maintain Integrity
  5. Global Citizenship

ITSSRC Standards of Business Conduct

ITSSRC expects its staff (including temporary, agency, interim, contractor or consultant staff) to be scrupulously impartial and honest in all affairs relating to the ITSSRC and their job within it. All staff as employees is responsible to act as ambassadors for the ITSSRC in terms of their general conduct both within and outside the organisation. This ITSSRC SoBC outlines the responsibilities of staff working for the Company.

You can access ITSSRC SoBC here - ITSSRC SoBC

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Dr. Murali Kailasam

Dr. Murali Kailasam, PMP

Manging Director, ITSSRC

Over 26+ years of Industry experience, has worked and managed firms globally. Experienced in providing management consultancy, conducting trainings/workshops for corporates in Strategic Management and Program/Project Management, responsible for business research and publications in IT/ITES industry and has extensive work experience in IT application development, managed services, strategic management and project/program management.