Research Reports

 Global Recession: Impact on Multi-Dimensional Firm Performance of Indian IT-ITES firms serving BFSI Industry

Does HRM recession stratagem and firm performance correlate?

How Audacious Strategies Payoff during Hard Times?

Is Quality Imperative for Business Survival in Economic Downturn?

Putting Customers First - Organization’s reinforced strategy during Recession

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When your company is looking for leads to identify strategy, growth initiatives, product feasibility. Then you can depend on ITSSRC for comprehensive and actionable information. If you are looking for directions, research companies, identifying opportunities, information and supportive data. ITSSRC offers you wide range of choices.

We provide industry insights, if you need to enter new markets by critically researching opportunities, conducting industry analysis, identifying key companies, trends, challenges, and other business insights. 

We do provide the following resources at the conclusion of the research

  1. Research Reports
  2. Case-Studies
  3. Industry Analysis Report

ITSSRC uses proven tools and techniques in the research domain to conduct business research, analysis and reporting services. These services are ensured to provide high value and quality solutions to critical business issues.

ITSSRC employs both quantitative and qualitative research methods, by utilizing both primary and secondary data to provide meaningful results for our clients. We choose appropriate research methodologies and data collection methods. The selection of methodology depended on issues or problems at hand. We conduct field research, surveys through interviews, telephone, written and online and focus group discussion. Also, employs various techniques to improve validity and reliability of the research.

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  • Industry Insight Analysis
  • Country / Regions / Geography Analysis
  • Market Demand Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis & Assessment
  • Customer Segment  Analysis & Assessment
  • Corporate Diversification Strategy
  • Business Opportunity Analysis & Assessment
  • Pricing Strategy Analysis
  • Companies Diversification Strategy & Analysis
  • Companies Performance Assessment & Recommendation